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Building a more equitable tomorrow.

Image by Felipe Santana

Get to Know Us

We are an all-black woman founded, diversity, equity & inclusion consulting agency born from Co-founders, Liza Fisher's & Cynthia Adinig's health equity advocacy.  Each founding consultant on our team has also had a unique experience with long COVID that has furthered our passion for all things equity. Our collective community minded leadership skills that launched us to the forefront of advocacy, has created a powerhouse team of equity experts all in one space. We each have years of experience in our areas of expertise, including: healthcare, research, education, leadership, policy, legislation, public speaking, science, community outreach, non profit organizations and more! 

We are here to help our clients succeed through fresh, intuitive and cutting edge implementation.

 Contact us today to and start your journey in being part of a more equitable tommorow.

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