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Building a more equitable tomorrow.

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Get to Know Us

We are an all-Black woman founded, diversity, equity & inclusion consulting agency born from Co-founders, Liza Fisher's & Cynthia Adinig's health equity advocacy.  Each founding consultant on our team has also had a unique experience with long COVID that has furthered our passion for all things equity. Our collective community minded leadership skills that launched us to the forefront of advocacy, has created a powerhouse team of equity experts all in one space. We each have years of experience in our areas of expertise, including: healthcare, research, education, leadership, policy, legislation, public speaking, science, community outreach, non profit organizations and more! 

We are here to help our clients succeed through fresh, intuitive and cutting edge implementation.

 Contact us today to and start your journey in being part of a more equitable tommorow.


Our Services

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Uniquely Qualified & Undeniable Expertise

During the pandemic, we faced hurdles in healthcare that brought us together and pushed equity in healthcare to the forefront. It is our passion to dismantle racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and ableism. Due to our active struggles as women of color and with long Covid healthcare, we have a deeper understanding of present-day societal and systemic barriers than other equity organizations. Here is a glimpse of our experiences. 

Health Subcommittee Hearing on Bridging Health Equity Gaps for People with Disabilities

Cynthia Adinig Gives Testimony on the Coronavirus Crisis

Charlotte woman says long COVID-19 symptoms have changed her life

'Why am I still sick?' Cincinnati woman shares story as a COVID-19 long hauler

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Mountainous Landscape

At BIPOC Equity Agency equity and justice intersect on unceded Indigenous lands. We are a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) equity centred organization, and we recognize the historical and ongoing impacts of colonization on the lands we inhabit and work on. We humbly acknowledge and honor the Indigenous peoples who have been the stewards of these territories for time immemorial.

We understand that social justice cannot be achieved without acknowledging the inherent rights and sovereignty of the Indigenous peoples and nations who have lived in harmony with this land for generations. Our journey toward reconciliation must be driven by active engagement, and respect.  We encourage everyone to reflect on their own relationship with the land and the responsibilities we share in preserving it.


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